2013 Promotional Video for Seamless Toy Company and their new smart building blocks called “Atoms”!

One thing we really pride ourselves with at Camera Speeds is our relationships with our clients. We believe in long term relationships, so it didn’t come as a surprise that when Michael Rosenblatt, a former Apple project manager, over at Seamless Toy Company for Atom’s Express wanted to use our full production services again. The first video we did for them was targeted at attracting investors. We must have done something right as the Boulder start up was able to attract  Bono from U2 to take interest and provide some vital funding.  With more funding available to them they were able to tackle  bigger ideas. With the help of the marketing representative Jayna Whitcher, we  hired on help from all over the state of Colorado. One of the best addition was  working with Marbles talent agency ( who helped us bring in some great child talent for the production.