Led by a diverse team of Marines and other survival and sustainable living experts, Forge Survival Supply, is a great resource for not only survival equipment but also  detailed reviews of well known and top notch  equipment and firearms. When Camera Speeds Inc. was hired on to film these reviews, we were excited for the opportunity to learn  about some great survival techniques and equipment for ourselves. Filming was done in the Rocky Mountain area near the town of Black Hawk Colorado. We scheduled a multi day shoot to ensure ample time for both in shop reviews and practical in the field tests. Of course probably our favorite time was spent down at the shooting range where after production was complete the production team for the Denver based video production company, Camera Speeds Inc. and our sound guy Aaron Delgrosso, got to practice firing off some rounds ourselves with  classic and powerful firearms. No zombie will be left standing!

We invite you to check out all of the reviews done by Forge Survival Supply shot by Camera Speeds Inc. on their Youtube Channel or Facebook page .