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Director Roster

Adding to the wide range of production capabilities of Camera Speeds Inc. the Director Roster is a valuable tool in bringing the highest quality production and services to the client. Our Director Roster gathers together a list of diversely experienced  and talented directors . These directors bring their individual skills ,specialties, and styles to Camera Speeds Inc. so that we have the perfect team for each individual client and project.

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Bret was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in Texas. Since 1990 he’s made Denver, Colorado, his home. He has worked in publishing and advertising, illustrated six books for children, exhibited paintings in Aspen, played in countless honky-tonks across the country, and just finished a feature film. He loves collaborative storytelling, and has earned his living as a commercial director for seven years. He has been described as “wry”.

“If you’re suicidal and you don’t kill yourself, you bece known as wry.” -Laurie Moore

A lot of things happened – then Aaron was born. Aaron focuses on finding character in brands that make them great. Every brand has personality. Aaron brings that personality to life, capturing the true craft that goes into the brand; creating a perfectly reflective project that showcases its character. Now located in Denver, Aaron has worked with an array of brands big and small in Denver, LA, and New York. 

“To be or not to be – that’s not really a question”

Kevin’s passion for storytelling and directing goes far beyond just video. His love for travel has allowed him to have filmed on 5 continents and 22 countries, giving him a unique pallet of visual experiences to pull from. His background of camera operating and video editing allow him to understand every aspect of production and post production. Kevin has the ability to take an idea and breath life into it. Shaping each new concept and creating something that loves people, that urges people to act. His obsession for visual perfection is what keeps clients coming back for more. 

Cameron is a Los Angeles based filmmaker known for his unique approach to working with talent and his large canvas style of directing. With an extensive background in performing, he prides himself in being a real “actor’s director”, understating the artist’s process in depth and pushing the limits to achieve the most memorable performances on every set. Working narratively and commercially, Cameron’s unique approach to story telling has a flair for twists and turns and is always expressed on the biggest scale possible.

Nate is just as comfortable working a fast-paced, documentary style production as he is on a buttoned-up, agency style production. With roots in post-production, Nate is always focused on opportunities to tell a better story. He uses this deep editorial experience to begin piecing together the story as he’s filming. He works well on set, taking ownership of the entire production while drawing out the best in the crew and allowing each department to do what they do best. 

Kyle has an artistic eye for telling dramatic and more unsettling stories. The human experience is just as much bad as it is good in this world, and you can’t have the light without a little dark. Kyle excels at diving into the deeper issues of human actions and psychology where most director’s won’t go, and tells them with precision and empathy. His experiences working in the film and commercial industry for a decade has given him the well-rounded skills to become the confident leader he is today. His understand of the client and production expectations continues to exceed in the ever-changing industry.